Tuesday, 29 July 2014


This gorgeous outfit was sent to me by the lovely guys over at 

I very rarely am able to find dresses that fit so well that I don't have to make any alterations, but this dress is perfect!
It also has a lovely bit of gold detail with a small belt that goes around the waist.

The shoes are to die for!! I would have worn them for my graduation if I hadn't already bought my outfit!

And the little bag is perfect for all occasions, I can see me getting a lot of use out of it!

Really love this dress and will be wearing again very soon :)

Can't wait to work with www.Milanoo.com again! :D


Friday, 4 July 2014

What If I Say I Will Never Surrender - Lookbook Post

My Outfit post for the day! 
I wasn't going to do one today but then THIS arrived! WOOP WOOOO!!
Haha I still get far to excited by post <3 I can not tell you how happy I am with it, I guess I wasn't expecting so much as it cost just over a tenner but I am really pleased with how the sizing has turned out. The shorts could be a little bigger for me personally but thats just cos ov ma ass!

Use this bag every day, wasn't to sure about it at first but now I just love it! As it has a long shoulder strap as well it tends to go with a lot more outfits than I thought it would!

Trainers are the ones I got from asos a few months ago, still trying to keep them as spotless as possible ha

Can't wait for the rest of my stuff to arrive, should have some more posts up some time after next week! 

Have a great weekend!!! x

Parma Violets - Lookbook Post

A look book post from a few weeks ago I didn't have chance to post on here!

Purple polo skater dress - I made this myself :) I took the pattern off one of my favourite dresses that I love the fit of and made it up in a few different colours. I think this is my favourite as I love the lilac colour but also the jersey fabric is polo shirt material so would be a perfect tennis dress ^-^

Black heel Jelly shoes - The I bought off eBay for about £4, I managed to get them a few weeks before the price of them went up everywhere! I also used my nectar points converted in to eBay vouchers so I actually didn't really pay for them at all! :D

Sunglasses - These were also a cheeky eBay purchase Bought for just a few pounds! Anything ordered from Asia on eBay does take longer to arrive but is more than worth it for the price and I am nearly always very happy with the quality! Currently considering how much I need these in the other colours :p

The Flower crown - This is one of my own I make for my part time little business Roses and Bones 
The purple one is definitely one on my faves! :)

Anyway, hope you like!! If you want to go hype my look please go over to 

Thanks!!! xxx

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Taste The Rainbow - Lookbook post

First Lookbook.nu post after my operation :) In My new Romwe dress that I ordered last month.
Also wearing my favourite sandals, cheeky little purchase from Primark ;) Along with my favoritest things in the world! My Chanel bag and sunglasses <3 

Have lost a little bit out weight to since being ill, if anything I'm feeling better for it which is good :) Hair is still browning strong but I think I am going to have to get it cut before I am a bridesmaid for my friend Sarah in January as it just fell out of the hair style we are having straight away as its to heavy! haha 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I am very excited to announce I will be working with Milanoo.com along side my lookbook and my blog! They have so many awesome things on offer for people with all different styles! Seriously guys! Go check them out!!!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Hollaback gurl - lookbook post

Getting back in to lookbook after a long break. Finally finished my degree so want to concentrat on bespoke couture fashion and bridal wear :) This is my post from today :D

cant wait to get more outfit post up this month 
watch this spaceeeee

'Matters of the Heart' photo shoot

With thanks to some lovely friends new and old, I was able to get some absolutely beautiful images of my outfits on some beautiful girls at a very beautiful location.

With thanks to -

York Minster

Ben Walgate Photography

Alice Lindsay Hair

Aimee Baxter
Amanda Gilby
Bethany Thompson
Emma Swanton
Katie Forester
Stephanie Parkinson

 I was am very proud of these images and feel they portray the feelings and themes that helped me create this collection. 
Now is just the waiting game for results!!!

You can find all of these images and more at www.EllaVSimpson.com

Friday, 9 May 2014

The end of an era!

Well, after all that I am finally finished. I can't quite believe that yesterday was technically my last day as a student D:

Hand in time came and I handed over everything I have been working on this last 6 months.
My design research proposal, Personal professional development file, sketchbook, Lookbook and final collection! I must admit, I genuinely  didn't think that I would get in all done and handed in yesterday but I am so happy that I have. It is just a huge relief that I know all my outfits will be on the cat walk on the 21st.
I just hope they look as good as they did in my photo shoot! 
(Which I will be posting soon I promise!!) 
I have FINALLY this week also released my website :D 
Another thing that I am so so proud of. All my work is on my site so I only had to physically hand in my outfits and my Lookbook.

Please go check it out and let me know what you think!!


Now all I have to wait for is the fashion show, my results and then graduation, which will be at...THE MINSTER!! well thats if I pass D: ahah here's hoping!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Final Collection photo shoot!

WOW!! What a night! 
Tonight I did my photo shoot for my final collection and I could honestly not be happier. Its something seeing all your work finished and on hangers, but another thing on beautiful ladies with all hair and make up done and styled exactly how I pictured it when I was designing this collection! <3
I was so lucky to have some of the most amazing friends, old and new, helping me out.
I had six girls modelling, one doings hair, one doing make up and an amazing lad doing the photos. Its was so great to see young talent all collaborating together to help me out with my final project.
After they took turns in hair and make up and getting their head dresses on we got them all dressed and I then took front and back photos before we left for the shoot.

Skeleton Dress

Body suit

Silk shirt and leather skater skirt

Peplum Dress

 Pencil cape dress

Fishtail Gown

I still can't believe how amazing they all looked in their outfits!!
Word can not express how excited I am to see all the finished photos, I will be posting them up on my blog and website as soon as I get them back :)