Monday, 6 January 2014

Final Collection - The Final Frontier

My intent with this project is to draw together everything that I am passionate about and topics and subject matter in which I am interested in.
Working gothic themes through beautiful cathedral-esk architecture. 

Looking at Stain glass windows and using the colour through a mainly black collection.

Looking at different ways of printing the stain glass images on to fabrics. Channeling my love of lace and threading it through each garment to connect them in to one collection. Using velvets, chiffons and lace as main fabrics.

Making surface techniques very prominent throughout to follow through from my previous projects.
Looking at Auguste Rodin's sculptures which I have always loved and Romanticism artists with similar themes.

Finally not forgetting my love for all things bridal. Channeling the bridal theme throughout my collection with out being too literal. 
Large extravagant couture pieces but just not in the typical bridal colours. 

Every part of this collection is a part of something I love. Through style, colours, theme, shapes and subjects, this is me.

I will keep my blog up too date throughout this project the same as with Precious Cargo as to keep track of my progress.
I will be looking into creating garments that are NOT dresses, thats right NOT DRESSES. Well I will be making a few ;) but I am determined to make at least a pair of shorts, trousers and a jacket/cape.

My first port of call is to scan, photocopy and print off all the images I find inspirational for this project, get them all together and go through them to get a better idea of direction. This week I will also be going to visit Cathedrals and churches to take pictures so that I can start to look at shapes and silhouettes. 
I feel that this will be a good start and will give me a good sense of direction.