Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Have faith in me post 05/12/12

First post in a while as I seem to have retreated from the cold and just hide inside for the past couple of weeks!

 So the plan of giving this skirt along with the galaxy purple dress to my mum to give me for Christmas failed massively. Thanks to a little occasion called CYBER MONDAY!!!

Free shipping AND 50% off!!

This was severely damaging too my bank balance! 
I ordered The moonwalker swimsuit, the cherry blossom dress, cathedral dress, Red galaxy leggings and leg bones 2.0. 
 But at those prices who could say no?

 Skirt Front

 Skirt Back

I LOVE this skirt, I dont usually wear things with so many colours but it is just so pretty!
Amazing quality as always, although it does ride up so much which is a bit annoying.

Here is my new pride and joy, My sheer blouse. I have hunted high and low for a sheer black shirt with no pockets but haven't been able to find one anywhere, so I decided to make one myself.
I used a shirt I already have to get a pattern off by pinning it to the fabric I bought for about £3.50.
It took a longgg time as I decided to do it all by hand because the machine I have hasn't been serviced in over 20 years, Thanks mum! :') It would of probably been ok but I didn't want to risk snagging the fabric and having to start over.

Under the shirt it my Black Milk liquid gold bandeau According to the measurment guide I was a Medium but having a bigger chest I do wish I had got a Large, I got a black wet look one at the same time but that one seems to fit better, might be the fabrics :)