Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Have faith in me post 05/12/12

First post in a while as I seem to have retreated from the cold and just hide inside for the past couple of weeks!

 So the plan of giving this skirt along with the galaxy purple dress to my mum to give me for Christmas failed massively. Thanks to a little occasion called CYBER MONDAY!!!

Free shipping AND 50% off!!

This was severely damaging too my bank balance! 
I ordered The moonwalker swimsuit, the cherry blossom dress, cathedral dress, Red galaxy leggings and leg bones 2.0. 
 But at those prices who could say no?

 Skirt Front

 Skirt Back

I LOVE this skirt, I dont usually wear things with so many colours but it is just so pretty!
Amazing quality as always, although it does ride up so much which is a bit annoying.

Here is my new pride and joy, My sheer blouse. I have hunted high and low for a sheer black shirt with no pockets but haven't been able to find one anywhere, so I decided to make one myself.
I used a shirt I already have to get a pattern off by pinning it to the fabric I bought for about £3.50.
It took a longgg time as I decided to do it all by hand because the machine I have hasn't been serviced in over 20 years, Thanks mum! :') It would of probably been ok but I didn't want to risk snagging the fabric and having to start over.

Under the shirt it my Black Milk liquid gold bandeau According to the measurment guide I was a Medium but having a bigger chest I do wish I had got a Large, I got a black wet look one at the same time but that one seems to fit better, might be the fabrics :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012 post - It's all about the he said she said bullshit

My latest look on lookbook :) 
I made these leggings on my fashion design course, just plain black with a lace pannel down the side.

I got my tshirt from Primark in the mens section, I think it was only like £6 :)

Finally able to post a look with these shoes, I bought a couple of pairs a while ago, one to sell on and one pair to keep but they are a bit too small :( think I will have to sell them on eBay, although they do look very pretty in my shoe cabinet!!

Go check out my look on lookbook :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lookbook post - Black Milk Galaxy leggings

This is my latest lookbook post entitled 'Ain't no lie baby, bye bye bye' of course courtesy of the fabulous N*sync :D
This is my first post with an item from my Black Milk parcel with was very exciting indeed. I have decided to save the galaxy dress and cathedral skirt for Christmas, I am very excited for my future self! wooo!

I really wasn't sure what to wear with these leggings as I didn't want the outfit to look too busy so I thought that just a plain black to would do paired with a plain silver cross necklace  :)

Obviously the one thing that this outfit was missing was studs, beautiful spikey, shiney, studs!!
And what better way to wear them than on your Jeffreys? 

I am still nervously awaiting my customs bill from my order which I am REALLY not looking forward to! I shall keep you posted :)

Friday, 16 November 2012 post - Dearest Enemy, you should of never trusted me.

This is my latest Look book post - Dearest Enemy, you should of never trusted me
Title coutesy of Youmeatsix haha
I have been wanting to do a post with this top for ages but could find the right outfit to wear it with. But then I got my Black Milk skirt and that changed everything!

 I got the top from H&M in the sale for about £5 I liked it because it has little skulls and cross bones sewn in to the fabric and little holes for the eyes ^_^
My leather jacket was a present from Liv ( I love it so much because it pretty much goes with everything I own and can be dress down with leggings and a long top or dressed up with a glittery dress and some killer heels!
Also haven't worn this necklace in ages but its so cool!! I got it off eBay from China for a couple of quid, it was one of those things you buy off the internet and your not really sure exactly what it looks like until it arrives but I was very plesently suprised! He has clear crystals in his noes and black crystals in his eyes with a jaw that opens and closes :)
I also sized up my ear this week so am now up to 14 mil and bought a new tunnel to celebrate haha, also got a wooden heart shapped plug that I am sure I will be showing you soon.

 Finally in saving the best until last, my Black Milk Cross of st Peter skirt!!
Its sooooo pretttyyy! Although I will say it does ride up a lot, I tried it on with tights to go to the shop and unfortunatly that made it a lot worse :( I have read on a lot of forums that girls are attaching grip tape to the hem line which seems like a really good idea so I will probably do that at some point.

If you have lookbook go and check out this look;

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nike Air Max 90

My latest LB post from today, My Manson tee I got in Oxford Circus Topshop when I came to London for my uni interview :) My jacket I got off eBay for about a fiver but It was covered in horrible frills which I had to take off but it was worth it in the end!

Now these are my new trainers, LOVING them so much.
Another ebay purchase, they are selling in foot locker at the moment for £120 but I got them for £45 including P&P ;) 
They are really comfy which cant be said for many of my shoes, now comes the challenge of keeping them clean......

Friday, 9 November 2012

My first Black Milk order :)

Just place my very first Black Milk order, very very exciting! I already have one of the swims but I got that off eBay so its not the same! They have free postage at the moment until the end of the month (express Fedex) which is amazing. Still slightly apprehensive about how much it will end up costing in customs charges, every customs calculator I have tried has told me a diffrent price!

I have ordered;
1 x Purple Galaxy Dress
1 x Purple Galaxy Leggings
1 x Cathedral Skirt
1 x Liquid Gold Bandeau
1 x Black Wet look Bandeau

 So so excited!! Think the dress is going to be a christmas present from my mum, should probably let her know haha. Could decide between the Pink or purple in the leggings and the same with the dress but ended up going with the purple in both :) Bandeaus are always a useful thing to have especially with tops with low arm holes. The skirt was something that was an easy decision as it is possibly my favorite piece they do (apart from the galaxys of course.) Will do some posts when they arrive! Watch this spaceeee.......

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lookbook post - At a guess I'm second best

This is my first post so you will have to bear with me as I am still trying to work everything!
For my first post I have chosen to blog about my most recently post on

This look is entitled 'At a guess i'm second best', this is named after one of my favorite songs by a band that are no longer together, All Forgotten. It can be found here  All Forgotten - At a guess i'm second best

 Quite a simple look this one but dressed up with the shoes. My hair was still wet from the shower and it takes about 50 billion years to dry so I just put it up, also my pink tips are really fading now which will need redoing soon. I also have my new tunnel and earring in but I will be doing a seperate accessory post very soon with better close up pictures :)
 This jacket is my favorite purchase of the past couple of weeks, there is NOTHING better than getting a bargin and I am officially a eBay attict so when I won this white jacket for just £5 I was so happy! And what makes it even better? It's Vivienne Westwood!! It may be a men jacket but I prefure the fit so much more to her traditional womens silhoutte for her designs being a lot more focused on the figure, where as this is baggy and loose fitting :) Perfect for going in to winter and being able to wear a hoody underneath.
 Another one of the great loves in my life, House of Holland tights by Pretty Polly. These are the black Bandaknee design. the detail that goes in to these are amazing!! These I purchased from the Pretty Polly pop up store in covent garden when they did an offer on Groupon for 2 pairs of tights for a lot less than usual!! I think this really started off my love for them. The suspender tights have grown so popular but I dont think people realise that they have more amazing designs! Seriously go check them out I must have at least 15 pairs that I have picked up along my travels!
Ahhhh, and finally, the Jeffreys. These models are the Damsel spikes by Jeffrey Campbell. They are my new babies! Although I don't think it is possible for anything to replace my Lita's these are certainly giving it their best shot! They are pretty comfortable but are pretty scary walking down stairs in as I found out walking downstairs from my flat which is on the top floor (5 flights of stairs) which was quite interesting! They have a zip on the inside of the foot which makes them a lot easier to get on and off when you dont have to fully undo and do up the laces each time you want to wear them. You do have to be careful though when taking them off to try not to impale yourself on the heel!! My amazing boyfriend got me these for my 21st birthday last month and I am still very much in love (with the shoes ;) )