Friday, 9 May 2014

The end of an era!

Well, after all that I am finally finished. I can't quite believe that yesterday was technically my last day as a student D:

Hand in time came and I handed over everything I have been working on this last 6 months.
My design research proposal, Personal professional development file, sketchbook, Lookbook and final collection! I must admit, I genuinely  didn't think that I would get in all done and handed in yesterday but I am so happy that I have. It is just a huge relief that I know all my outfits will be on the cat walk on the 21st.
I just hope they look as good as they did in my photo shoot! 
(Which I will be posting soon I promise!!) 
I have FINALLY this week also released my website :D 
Another thing that I am so so proud of. All my work is on my site so I only had to physically hand in my outfits and my Lookbook.

Please go check it out and let me know what you think!!

Now all I have to wait for is the fashion show, my results and then graduation, which will be at...THE MINSTER!! well thats if I pass D: ahah here's hoping!

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