Monday, 28 October 2013

WW1 Project Update

Well, its been a good few weeks since we started this project now and its safe to say it has been a bit more difficult that i originally thought. I has been tricky to get back in to things after two years of spreadsheets!
The ND course was completely different compared to this BA, the lay out of the project is totally different, how you are to produce your sketchbook and just generally how much freedom you are give to carry out your work.
I have visited a few places now and feel like I really have a good understanding of the War and as much of an idea as I can about what these men went through. 
I have tried to focus on the front like, what kind of materials and colours would have been present etc.
I have taken these and produced some different samples that could be used for surface detailing.
Scraps of chosen fabric sewn on to dissolvable material

Hessian fabric gives a really good volume that would look good as a coat/cape

Layered chosen fabrics sewn and scored down to different layers make good patches but is very thick and heavy weight.

Here i tried to replicate injury with a cut and dripping blood

using different sizes red beads works really well to give depth and texture

I am starting to look at doing these techniques in different colours and fabrics focusing on my theme of ordinary men doing doing extraordinary things. Lending its inspiration to simple silhouettes and simple garments finished in beautiful intricate ways. 
I am going to start doing some sketches and looking at design developments this week, still got to think of a name for my collection too....

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