Friday, 13 December 2013

Making the most time consuming fabric in the world.

So after deciding to use water soluble fabric to create a new sheet of fabric.
I shredded 6 different fabrics in to tiny pieces and then stitching them on to the dissolvable fabric it creates a layer.
You have to sew over it over and over and over again which sent me in to some kind of weird fabric trance D: 
I think in the end I had about 20 panels which took about half an hour each to make. Writing this down now has just made me realise i spent 10 BLOODY HOURS!!!! making it. 
At least it looks cool!! haha 
Heres a picture Nat took of me hard at work in my fabric trance.

Not one of my finest moments :/ haha

After cutting all the fabric and sandwiching it in to the dissolvable fabric and sewing over it (50 billion times) you run it under water and it dissolves away just leaving the same scraps sewn together .
I scanned in a small sample i made back when i thought this was a really good idea.

Here are some images of the bigger panels and the finished product. I also stitched my beaded spine from my previous post on to some of the panels to go down the centre back of my dress.

So many little things on top of other little things D:

Will do another post tomorrow with my final images :) 

luv u beh!

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