Friday, 4 July 2014

Parma Violets - Lookbook Post

A look book post from a few weeks ago I didn't have chance to post on here!

Purple polo skater dress - I made this myself :) I took the pattern off one of my favourite dresses that I love the fit of and made it up in a few different colours. I think this is my favourite as I love the lilac colour but also the jersey fabric is polo shirt material so would be a perfect tennis dress ^-^

Black heel Jelly shoes - The I bought off eBay for about £4, I managed to get them a few weeks before the price of them went up everywhere! I also used my nectar points converted in to eBay vouchers so I actually didn't really pay for them at all! :D

Sunglasses - These were also a cheeky eBay purchase Bought for just a few pounds! Anything ordered from Asia on eBay does take longer to arrive but is more than worth it for the price and I am nearly always very happy with the quality! Currently considering how much I need these in the other colours :p

The Flower crown - This is one of my own I make for my part time little business Roses and Bones 
The purple one is definitely one on my faves! :)

Anyway, hope you like!! If you want to go hype my look please go over to 

Thanks!!! xxx

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