Friday, 4 July 2014

What If I Say I Will Never Surrender - Lookbook Post

My Outfit post for the day! 
I wasn't going to do one today but then THIS arrived! WOOP WOOOO!!
Haha I still get far to excited by post <3 I can not tell you how happy I am with it, I guess I wasn't expecting so much as it cost just over a tenner but I am really pleased with how the sizing has turned out. The shorts could be a little bigger for me personally but thats just cos ov ma ass!

Use this bag every day, wasn't to sure about it at first but now I just love it! As it has a long shoulder strap as well it tends to go with a lot more outfits than I thought it would!

Trainers are the ones I got from asos a few months ago, still trying to keep them as spotless as possible ha

Can't wait for the rest of my stuff to arrive, should have some more posts up some time after next week! 

Have a great weekend!!! x

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