Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lookbook post - At a guess I'm second best

This is my first post so you will have to bear with me as I am still trying to work everything!
For my first post I have chosen to blog about my most recently post on

This look is entitled 'At a guess i'm second best', this is named after one of my favorite songs by a band that are no longer together, All Forgotten. It can be found here  All Forgotten - At a guess i'm second best

 Quite a simple look this one but dressed up with the shoes. My hair was still wet from the shower and it takes about 50 billion years to dry so I just put it up, also my pink tips are really fading now which will need redoing soon. I also have my new tunnel and earring in but I will be doing a seperate accessory post very soon with better close up pictures :)
 This jacket is my favorite purchase of the past couple of weeks, there is NOTHING better than getting a bargin and I am officially a eBay attict so when I won this white jacket for just £5 I was so happy! And what makes it even better? It's Vivienne Westwood!! It may be a men jacket but I prefure the fit so much more to her traditional womens silhoutte for her designs being a lot more focused on the figure, where as this is baggy and loose fitting :) Perfect for going in to winter and being able to wear a hoody underneath.
 Another one of the great loves in my life, House of Holland tights by Pretty Polly. These are the black Bandaknee design. the detail that goes in to these are amazing!! These I purchased from the Pretty Polly pop up store in covent garden when they did an offer on Groupon for 2 pairs of tights for a lot less than usual!! I think this really started off my love for them. The suspender tights have grown so popular but I dont think people realise that they have more amazing designs! Seriously go check them out I must have at least 15 pairs that I have picked up along my travels!
Ahhhh, and finally, the Jeffreys. These models are the Damsel spikes by Jeffrey Campbell. They are my new babies! Although I don't think it is possible for anything to replace my Lita's these are certainly giving it their best shot! They are pretty comfortable but are pretty scary walking down stairs in as I found out walking downstairs from my flat which is on the top floor (5 flights of stairs) which was quite interesting! They have a zip on the inside of the foot which makes them a lot easier to get on and off when you dont have to fully undo and do up the laces each time you want to wear them. You do have to be careful though when taking them off to try not to impale yourself on the heel!! My amazing boyfriend got me these for my 21st birthday last month and I am still very much in love (with the shoes ;) )