Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lookbook post - Black Milk Galaxy leggings

This is my latest lookbook post entitled 'Ain't no lie baby, bye bye bye' of course courtesy of the fabulous N*sync :D
This is my first post with an item from my Black Milk parcel with was very exciting indeed. I have decided to save the galaxy dress and cathedral skirt for Christmas, I am very excited for my future self! wooo!

I really wasn't sure what to wear with these leggings as I didn't want the outfit to look too busy so I thought that just a plain black to would do paired with a plain silver cross necklace  :)

Obviously the one thing that this outfit was missing was studs, beautiful spikey, shiney, studs!!
And what better way to wear them than on your Jeffreys? 

I am still nervously awaiting my customs bill from my order which I am REALLY not looking forward to! I shall keep you posted :)


  1. Where you buy this gorgeous chlothe?

    1. I got my legings from blackmilkclothing.com
      my coat is from River island and my shoes were Jeffrey Campbells from Office :) x