Friday, 16 November 2012 post - Dearest Enemy, you should of never trusted me.

This is my latest Look book post - Dearest Enemy, you should of never trusted me
Title coutesy of Youmeatsix haha
I have been wanting to do a post with this top for ages but could find the right outfit to wear it with. But then I got my Black Milk skirt and that changed everything!

 I got the top from H&M in the sale for about £5 I liked it because it has little skulls and cross bones sewn in to the fabric and little holes for the eyes ^_^
My leather jacket was a present from Liv ( I love it so much because it pretty much goes with everything I own and can be dress down with leggings and a long top or dressed up with a glittery dress and some killer heels!
Also haven't worn this necklace in ages but its so cool!! I got it off eBay from China for a couple of quid, it was one of those things you buy off the internet and your not really sure exactly what it looks like until it arrives but I was very plesently suprised! He has clear crystals in his noes and black crystals in his eyes with a jaw that opens and closes :)
I also sized up my ear this week so am now up to 14 mil and bought a new tunnel to celebrate haha, also got a wooden heart shapped plug that I am sure I will be showing you soon.

 Finally in saving the best until last, my Black Milk Cross of st Peter skirt!!
Its sooooo pretttyyy! Although I will say it does ride up a lot, I tried it on with tights to go to the shop and unfortunatly that made it a lot worse :( I have read on a lot of forums that girls are attaching grip tape to the hem line which seems like a really good idea so I will probably do that at some point.

If you have lookbook go and check out this look;