Friday, 9 November 2012

My first Black Milk order :)

Just place my very first Black Milk order, very very exciting! I already have one of the swims but I got that off eBay so its not the same! They have free postage at the moment until the end of the month (express Fedex) which is amazing. Still slightly apprehensive about how much it will end up costing in customs charges, every customs calculator I have tried has told me a diffrent price!

I have ordered;
1 x Purple Galaxy Dress
1 x Purple Galaxy Leggings
1 x Cathedral Skirt
1 x Liquid Gold Bandeau
1 x Black Wet look Bandeau

 So so excited!! Think the dress is going to be a christmas present from my mum, should probably let her know haha. Could decide between the Pink or purple in the leggings and the same with the dress but ended up going with the purple in both :) Bandeaus are always a useful thing to have especially with tops with low arm holes. The skirt was something that was an easy decision as it is possibly my favorite piece they do (apart from the galaxys of course.) Will do some posts when they arrive! Watch this spaceeee.......

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